Why Do You Need To WOW Your Customers?

Do You Feel You Are Getting Quality Customer Experiences?
February 28, 2017
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May 10, 2017
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Why Do You Need To WOW Your Customers?

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WOW Treatment

I visited Spa810 in Scottsdale last week for a facial because they were offering special. When a business offers a special and then goes above and beyond so you return, that tells me their customers are important to them. The aesthetician at Spa810 truly gave me a WOW treatment. She answered all my questions knowledgeably, professionally and with a great attitude. The facial included a vibrating warm massage bed and a free eyebrow wax. I felt like I was in a resort spa. I will definitely return for additional services and will be happy to pay full price next time because they know how to give their customers an unforgettable experience.

I recently read an article about a gentleman that was on a Delta Airlines flight. He mentioned there was nothing spectacular about the flight or the food. He did however mention that the flight attendant gave him a handwritten note on a napkin with information about his connecting flight. He had not asked for the information however was overly pleased with this WOW treatment he received. Of course he will return.

Customer loyalty is not always certain, it is something that your company should earn, by providing every customer who walks through your doors with a WOW experience.

You may think customer loyalty for customer satisfaction are one in the same, however, they are very different. Customer satisfaction doesn’t always lead to customer loyalty. You must continue the WOW experiences– that will lead to customer loyalty and referrals.

Can bad experiences lead to great experiences?

Yes, if they are resolved correctly and promptly. This means managers and staff need to be trained to handle problems in a positive manner. Sometimes companies just need a Fresh Perspective on what those problems are and how they can WOW their customers. The Hart Experience can help you in both areas. Great customer experiences will ensure your customers return.

Your customer is the boss, because without them you have no job and your company will have no business…

Let us at The Hart Experience give you a Fresh Perspective assessment of your business. Contact Debbie Hart 602.717.3271 or Debbie@thehartexperience.comwww.thehartexperience.com

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