The “NEW”​ Customer Experience In The Face Of Covid-19

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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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The “NEW”​ Customer Experience In The Face Of Covid-19

Does your company know how to give great customer experience with a mask on?

It’s not possible to actually smile with a mask on so how do you make your customers feel comfortable. This can be a challenge however it definitely is possible.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Eyes can definitely smile
  • Words that make your customers feel welcome: Introduce yourself and say welcome. How are you today? What big plans do you have today? How is your day? Is this your first visit?
  • Even though we must social distance offer your help / suggestions on products and/or services
  • Give recommendations, mention signature specials / promotions
  • Upsell your commitment to safety
  • Follow up frequently and ask if customers have questions
  • Thank them repeatedly
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We visited a restaurant last week, first time since the pandemic. The whole experience was very eerie and cold. It wasn’t the service that was poor, it was the atmosphere, food quality and reduced menu selections. The restaurant was set up for extreme social distancing which gave it an uncomfortable feel. Servers did wear masks and gloves when serving so we felt safe. What was lacking was the experience. Despite the crisis and safety regulations, it’s still possible to give your customers a wonderful customer. They need the warm welcome back, now more than ever!

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I recently visited a beauty supply store and noticed how the staff didn’t walk the store anymore or ask if you need help. It seemed very different than before the pandemic. Talking with your customers can still be done while maintaining social distancing.

It seems as though we no longer are having any kind of customer experience much less a WOW experience. These companies have been shut down for at least a couple months this is the time to set yourself apart and drive revenue. Training your staff is a key factor. Most every company is hurting now and if you don’t capitalize on exceeding your customer’s expectations they won’t return…

Let’s get you back on track and make you some MONEY. We at The Hart Experience can help you train your staff on safety guidelines, show you a more customer friendly set up for social distancing and most of all show you how to upsell your business products and/or services during abnormal times… Contact Debbie 602.717.3271,,

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