Is putting the customer first a Strategy, a Culture or non-existent?

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August 3, 2017
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October 3, 2017
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How do we turn our customers into raving fans?

I have recently been reading more reviews of restaurants and hotels mainly for my business. I have been shocked at how many reviews are posted about a location. Bad reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisors can definitely break a restaurant or hotel. I get that maybe a few of these reviews aren’t legitimate however the majority say the same things which definitely shows a pattern for a location…

I am amazed at how many managers / owners don’t even respond to reviews. What a great opportunity to shine with your customers by looking at these reviews and responding. I love looking at these reviews and talking about them to owners. Most owners are unaware of how important checking reviews regularly is to their business until the doors close. This a great tool for you to find out more about your business.

Marketing tool

What a great way to get information about your customers when you answer good and bad reviews. Why not thank them and get their email so you can invite them back and give them a discount coupon for just writing the review.

Recent experience

I recently had an event at a location with about 50 attendees. The location had good food and everyone was friendly. I was however disappointed about the lack of service we experienced. I had to locate the cocktail server on numerous occasions to take drink orders. At the end of the event the server gave three credit cards back to the wrong people. I was overcharged and so was the director of the group. Management didn’t really seem to be concerned when we disputed our tickets. When I contacted corporate management they didn’t even respond regarding the overcharging.Why would you not want 50+ people back in your restaurant? This restaurant was small however they have other locations. Word of mouth travels fast when their are bad experiences. I would venture to say most of the attendees will never return.

In this day and age culture has become a big thing. There are a lot of competitors wanting your business so don’t give it to them on a GOLD platter…

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