Does Your Company Have A Customer Experience Plan For 2020?

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January 1, 2020
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April 20, 2020
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Does Your Company Have A Customer Experience Plan For 2020?

As a Business Owner, these steps CAN drive increased revenue

Pay attention to your customers needs – Be visible, talk directly to them when they visit, follow up on calls or emails immediately

Listen, I mean really LISTEN to your customers – Ask how you can make their experience better

Make “doing what’s best for you customer” the focus of your business – Be sincere when responding and resolving problems

Compensate your customers – Doesn’t mean give a free item, why not try a gift card so they return and you have a 2nd chance to impress them

Ongoing employee training – Mandatory team building activities

Hire hands on experienced leaders – Know your teams and how to help them be successful

Poor reviews – Discuss with staff and/or individual to determine best resolution

Dismiss individuals who don’t give 100% – No team effort no job

Smile – Create positive energy

Professional attire – Starts at the top

Respect customers – Respect team

Hire a professional shopper – Accurate customer experiences

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Is it your goal to keep customers returning and referring?

If so you have to start at the beginning of the year and continue all year. NEVER stop working with your team to build better customer relations. Your customers do business with people the know and trust…

We at The Hart Experience are here to help you keep your customers all year

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