Do You Train Your Staff On The Importance Of Suggestive Selling?

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April 20, 2020
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April 20, 2020
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Do You Train Your Staff On The Importance Of Suggestive Selling?

Why is suggestive selling critical to your business?
Business owners have enough concerns driving revenue these days so it’s more important than ever to maximize sales as much as possible…. in any industry. A lot of revenue is lost when staff doesn’t make an attempt to offer additional services or products.

Let me give you a few suggestions on how to train your staff to do this in your industry:

Restaurant Server / Bartender

  • Suggest an upgrade on alcohol
  • Suggest and appetizer or dessert
  • Suggest toppings
  • Mention promotional merchandise if you sell them. This adds revenue and is additional advertising for your business!
  • Hotel Reservations

Suggest an upgraded view

  • Mention in-room dining / restaurant options
  • Other amenities that you offer (activities for the children, robes, spa services, etc)
  • Spa Check In

Suggest upgraded or additional services

  • Mention specials of the month or membership packages
  • Recommend products used in treatments for use at home. Consistent stream of revenue when they love using it daily!

It’s a sales strategy to recommend and suggest more to increase a customers order. It’s important not to go overboard, so maybe each day run an employee contest on one suggestive sell item. Many customers don’t mind trying and purchasing additional items, having a beautiful view or is good for their skin. Healthy items are an easy sell these days. Explain to your employees that better check averages are a way to better tips plus a win for the bottom line. With business being slow due to the virus scare it’s important to increase revenues with customers that are coming in your door. If you are in a more productive area reap the benefits with your tourists and/or snowbirds.

Let us at The Hart Experience teach you and your staff the importance of suggestive selling. Contact Debbie Hart at 602.717.3271,,

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