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October 26, 2018
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July 8, 2019
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The Million Dollar Experience

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How do you create that MILLION DOLLAR Experience?

Dan Sachs is the author of “The Million Dollar Greeting”. It talks about today’s best practices for profit, customer retention, and a happy workplace. It’s all about taking that extra minute with your customer not one hour or fifteen minutes just an extra minute to make a BIG impact. Maybe it’s just a smile, a handshake, a special greeting, a thoughtful word, holding the door or thanking someone for their business. These things go a long way.

I recently went to lunch with a friend at a restaurant in Scottsdale called Hash Kitchen. The food and service were great, but the above and beyond came when the the hostess took that extra minute to stop by our table to check in and then the server asking if we wanted to take drink refills to go- that’s the “million dollar experience” that took only minutes!

I read an article about how the Hyatt Hotels have a full time employee named Sir Hyatt – a dog. He basically greets guests and helps reduce their anxiety away from home. What a great added touch! It’s been proven that animals make a positive impact on people struggling with health issues.

I worked for Hyatt Hotels years ago and I will tell you their personal touches are a good part of the reason they are successful. They train all their employees about giving the Hyatt touch to every guest, every interaction!

Fruits on bed in five star hotel room

Why does your company not create this WOW Experience?

  1. Lack of quality training
  2. Hiring the wrong people
  3. Lack of leadership
  4. Lack of quality products
  5. Poor service

Let us at The Hart Experience help you create that “Million Dollar Experience” for your customers. We will assess your business and then show you where improvement is needed or where you shine…

Contact Debbie at 602.717.3271 or Debbie@thehartexperience.com or visit us at www.thehartexperience.com and complete the client “Become A Client”

Let us help you Create Magic not Misery…

Remember A Happy Customer Is A Referring Customer !!!

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