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The customer experience assessment specialists at The Hart Experience will visit your location and provide feedback from a fresh perspective. We take the stance of a brand-new customer who is coming to your store for the first time, reviewing every aspect from the exterior to the restrooms to how we are greeted and treated by your Sales Team.

Customer Experience Assessments

W hen we conduct our assessment, we look at all components involved in the customer experience, and we interface with your team in all departments. Typically, our visits are announced so that you have the opportunity to really shine, but at your request, we can complete "mystery shops," where a member of our team poses as an ordinary customer and puts your employees through their paces. During our visit, we document everything that happens, both in writing and through pictures. Following completion of the assessment, we share our findings with the Owner and/or General Manager, including suggestions for improvement and any specific areas for concern. The Hart Experience is unique because there is NO middle man involved you work directly with us.

Customer Experience Training

W hen customers are essential to your success, you need a team that knows how to effectively communicate with them and help them feel valued at each interaction. As specialists in the customer experience, The Hart Experience can provide team training for your sales and customer service associates as well as your management team. We help you create a stellar experience from the first hello to the sales process. We show you and your staff how to react when challenges arise. We want to ensure your team is prepared for every situation.

Marketing Services

A successful business relies on focused 24/7 operations and marketing. If you are a solo business owner or launching a smaller firm, we can help get you on the right track from the beginning. This includes education on how to source and grow leads and converting and retaining customers, as well as methods for expanding your brand awareness. Our marketing and consultation services will keep you motivated and moving in the right direction for building excellent business relationships.

Your Investment

E ach company has unique goals and challenges, so let's start by getting to know each other to see how we can help. Then we'll create a custom proposal that outlines exactly what you need and where we fit in.