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July 30, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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What Does A Good Leader Do In Tough Times?

It has been a challenging 6 months for all industries however some industries were affected harder. Restaurants have had to restructure the way they do business; adding to go orders capabilities and/or delivery. Hotels have had to furlough much of their staff then upon reopening had to hire additional staff to account for the changes and new CDC guidelines for sanitizing/cleaning etc. Grocery stores have been required to order more products and increase delivery schedules to keep shelves stocked. Event planners have had to convert to virtual events versus live. Many other business owners have added more services to accommodate and bring in customers or will have to consider closing their doors permanently.

Good leaders / owners have paid their staff for as long as they could financially afford it. Many have even paid health insurance benefits too. These leaders have done this, so they wouldn’t have to retrain when they open. They also empathize with their people and respect their needs.

I have read numerous articles on how leaders / owners are now on the front lines doing whatever it takes to keep the doors open. We went to lunch the other weekend at a small restaurant called Opa Life. Great food, clean and friendly counter staff possibly the owner and his family. Sad to see very few tables, however did see people picking up to go orders.

What do great businesses create that makes you want to return?

  • Positive atmosphere?
  • Quality products or service?
  • Fast and simple ordering?
  • Problems corrected in a timely manner?
  • WOW customer experiences?
  • Friendly customer service?
  • Clean?
  • Close to your home or business?
  • Well trained employees?
  • Caring and thankful employees / management?

These are a few reasons a customer would return. It’s so important that you as a business owner / leader know the importance of giving your customer a great experience. You also need to know what your competitors are doing for their customers. So many people have been in lock down so long that they have gotten accustomed to staying at home. Give them a REASON to get out. Yes we still have to social distancing however quality customer experiences can be given in person or on the phone.

Let us at The Hart Experience educate you on the areas of your business that need improvement. We provide in depth business assessments, marketing and training. We will also visit or contact your competitors and find out how they attract customers. Contact 602.717.3271, for your COMPLIMENTARY first shop…

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