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Do You Have Training Practices in Place For Large Parties?

Business Luncheon Lacks The Exceptional Customer Experience!!!

Have you attended a business luncheon event lately? If not I would like to share a couple stories.

I recently attended a Chamber lunch at Giordano’s Restaurant in Peoria and was amazed at the poor customer service, most likely resulting from a lack of server training. One server was assigned to a party of 30 + business people, which was very overwhelming for 1 person and set that server up for failure from the start. The full menu was offered which seemed like too many options for a large group, Offering a few items would have made it much easier for the kitchen and server. There seemed to be a lack of systems because the server hand wrote all the orders as he walked around the tables. Drinks took a long time to come out and lunch entrees were all served at different times. Many orders took so long to come out, that some people were finished or left before the rest of the table got their food. Checks were handed out to everyone shortly after the last lunch entree was delivered. The server mixed up tickets so therefore I ended up paying for a different meal. My ticket could never be located. My meal was actually more expensive so therefore another customer unknowingly got stuck with my check. I was surprised that an automatic gratuity was not added to this large group. The General Manager who was dressed very unprofessional in blue jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes, assisted in picking up a few plates..

In another scenario….

I attended another different Chamber luncheon a few week’s ago at Southern Rail in Phoenix. The restaurant was in a nice location. There were 3-4 servers on the party of 40 + business people. Drinks were served as guests arrived and there was a custom menu with 5-6 choices for the large party. The servers hand wrote all food orders. The food took a long time and was delivered at different times so again some people were done while others were still getting their food. Most plates were never picked up.

Why do you host business luncheons?
Repeat business
Community connections

How do we train your staff and management to handle large parties?
Add more staff
Don’t hand write ticket orders – Systems and technology the key
Ringing in food from one table before going to next table eliminates kitchen getting slammed
Deliver ALL food at one table first
NO wagon training (who had what calling out)
Take orders so anyone can deliver food

Many years ago when I worked in the restaurant industry we trained our team the do’s and don’ts on large parties. When a restaurant books a large event the general manager thinks it’s a great way to drive revenue. No one realizes that if business people have a poor experience they won’t refer or return. Worse than that how many people they will tell??

Before you book that large party reach out to us at The Hart Experience 602.717.3271. We will customize a mystery shop and show you areas that need improvement. You can check out our website at

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