Does It Seem Like Every Time You Turn Around Another Popular Store Is Closing?

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July 8, 2019
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July 10, 2019
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Does It Seem Like Every Time You Turn Around Another Popular Store Is Closing?

Victoria Secret

I have always, as well as I am sure many other women, enjoyed shopping at Victoria Secret stores for our lingerie purchases due to great product quality, few options/competitors in this market and because the sales people have always been so attentive and helpful. In my previous Scottsdale store visits I was never been approached by a salesperson upon entering the store or as I was browsing. I was there checking out their advertised sale items. After being in the store for about 30 minutes ended up leaving without making a purchase. When I recently visited the Glendale store, I unfortunately experienced a very similar situation. This time I had a coupon for my birthday set to expire. I went to the dressing room and tried on numerous items, no one offered to assist me during this time. When I checked out the lady at the front desk asked who helped me, I said “NO ONE” and she was shocked. I explained how disappointed I was and mentioned my other experiences.

After I got home I saw on the news that Victoria Secret was closing 53 stores, which became pretty apparent to me why this was happening based on my experience that day. I am not sure why or when Victoria Secret stopped placing importance on customer experiences, however if someone encountered a similar situation like me, it’s likely they left without making a purchase. The lack of customer experience could be the very reason revenues are shrinking!! Bring back the excellent customer experiences that women expect and you will see profits increase again!!

Restaurant Closing

About 3 months ago, I went to lunch at a small local restaurant in Phoenix. I had been there a couple years prior and the service was not great, but the food made up for some of that. I decided to try it out again and speak to the owners. This time service and food were great however there was an obvious lack of customers eating there. I spoke to the chef and mentioned I had some marketing and customer experience tools that could help them grow, but he didn’t seem to be interested. I contacted him on numerous occasions because I knew they couldn’t continue to stay open with the lack of customers. Today, I read they had closed last month! Not shocked as to why…

Both of these situations could have been turned around easily by giving exceptional customer experiences. It is rarely the product that closes a business rather a lack of business/customer service skills which is so preventable by hiring an expert to assist you!

Let us at The Hart Experience help your business keep the DOORS open.

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