Do You Consider Online Reviews/Public Opinions Prior To Visiting A Restaurant For The First Time?

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Do You Consider Online Reviews/Public Opinions Prior To Visiting A Restaurant For The First Time?

Online Reviews/Public Opinions

There are so many ways to check reviews these days: Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and websites. If you are considering a new restaurant or are traveling it’s a great way to find out the good and bad about a location before you visit.

It’s vital to the success of a restaurant or business to check their reviews often and respond to the good and bad reviews in a timely and positive manner. You want your potential customers to see you care and value their opinions and will go above and beyond to fix any problems that occur during their visit. You can also use it as an opportunity to thank them for doing business with you and invite them to return. Use your good reviews as a way to market your business!!

Remember when you are a part of a brand you want all your locations to get positive reviews. One location will definitely affect your other locations even if in another state.

The Business Pulse in the Phoenix Business Journal last month took a poll of people who look at reviews:

  • 6% Never – I want to have my own experience
  • 21% Rarely – Everyone has a unique perspective
  • 26% Always – The more information, the better
  • 47% Often – Especially if hosting a guest or it’s a special occasion

Do you want to lose revenue to bad reviews because you thought it wasn’t important to respond?

Online Reviews/Public Opinions

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