How Customer Experience is different from Customer Satisfaction

How Important Is Your Customer Experience?
January 25, 2017
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February 20, 2017
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How Customer Experience is different from Customer Satisfaction

Do you know what the term ‘Customer Experience’ means. While there is no one definition that can really suffice, Customer Experience can be defined as the total of all the experiences that a customer has across every touch-point in your business. On the other hand, Customer Satisfaction is a measure of the degree of satisfaction a customer has with a particular product or service. While these two terms are inter-related and need to be measured regularly, they have significant differences. Customer Experience is much more than just customer satisfaction. Customer Experience starts before the sale.

Do you know where your customer experience most needs improvement?

When I was a server our managers were on the floor helping us poor coffee, serve food / drinks, clear tables or just talk to customers during our busy times. In today’s world managers aren’t anywhere to be found at their busiest times of the day. Do you ever walk into a restaurant and notice at lunchtime (11:30 am – 1:30 pm) there are very few tables? I walked into Arriba Mexican Grill in Glendale with a friend for lunch a few months ago. I was amazed that there were so few tables. We did have great service and food that day however I had a couple events at the location in Scottsdale and the service was definitely not up to standards. Food was good the first time however second time not so good.

I have planned events in numerous different restaurants over the years. I am amazed at how rarely I see the manager while we are there. I usually arrive early because I want to make sure the room is set and ready to go. I am still waiting for the day that I don’t have to set the room and that the food will arrive as ordered and on time. I don’t recall ever getting a call back from a manager after the event to ask me how our experience was the night before.

Why do you suppose customers don’t return? Lack of quality customer experiences and customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Think You Have High Turnover?

Do servers complain about their tips? Probably, because the staff have no idea how to give great customer service much less give great customer experiences. You wonder whether they got the training they needed to succeed.

Why Are We Failing Our Customers:

  1. We spend too much time focusing on what a new employee must do to fit in to the company’s expectations and formulaic mold of success but little time preparing him for the methods of customer service.
  2. Senior management lives in silos dependent on their self satisfaction and protectionism.
  3. Ownership makes business decisions based on static facts and figures far removed from the effect they have on the customer.

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