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November 8, 2017
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November 28, 2017
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Hand turning a service level knob up to the maximum with a dial where it is written the word satisfaction. Concept image for illustration of Key Performance Indicator KPI or customer loyalty.

What do your customers expect from you?

Do you exceed your customers expectations? Do you feel “good enough”? Maybe. But good enough for whom?

We must always believe that we can learn about our customer’s needs…

Why should someone do business with you?

·        Is it because you are in their neighborhood? Not good enough…

·        Is it because you keep up with the latest trends? Not important enough…

·        Is it because you run weekly specials or offer discount coupons? You’re not showing value…

·        Is it because your business is “the best”? Not realistic…

If customers should do business with you because “you are the best”, what makes you the best?

No business or restaurant is perfect, we all make mistakes. Some customers may forgive a slight misstep in service or delay in an order being processed.

Others won’t. Most customers expect perfection. But is that possible?

Should your restaurant expect to be perfect? Why would the customer? They need to realize that mistakes happen?

Perfect service is the minimum expectation of the customer.

Once you realize this you can take the steps needed to make it happen.

Here’s a starting point for you:

1.    Reevaluate your employee staffing levels.

2.    Train, train and train your staff and management.

3.    Provide your employees the tools needed to serve the customer.

4.    Anticipate your customer’s needs.

5.    Use the highest quality products.

6.    Provide a fair price.

7.    Give your customers the “benefit of the doubt”.

8.    Provide more value until the money they spend is less valuable than what you offer.

9. Ask your customer for feedback.

10.  Customers must value your product and service more than they value their money.

Credit Steve DiGioia

How many restaurant reports have you seen recently that show high percentages of lost profits for 2018? You can blame this on the economy, lack of marketing or too many competitors however maybe it’s just that you need a fresh perspective on what your customers are seeing when they enter your restaurant.

We at The Hart Experience can help show you how to WOW your customer…

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