Why Is A Customer’s Perception A Reality?

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July 30, 2020
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July 30, 2020
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Why Is A Customer’s Perception A Reality?

Your customer’s perception is the key to ensuring GREAT customer experiences. If your customer’s don’t feel like you care about them they won’t return, much less refer your business. The more you learn about what your customer likes and/or dislikes are the easier it will be to make changes to your service or product. Let me share a few ways to learn valuable information about your customer’s needs, preferences and habits.

10 Ways to find out what your customer is thinking

  1. Hire a professional secret shopping company
  2. Create a professional feedback survey
  3. Train your employees to listen and rapidly mitigate customer issues and locate a viable manager when escalation is required
  4. Monitor and rapidly respond to your reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Website, Social Media
  5. Have a mastermind round table with employees to gather information on what they are hearing from customers
  6. Be your own customer, see your business from a customer’s perspective
  7. Train employees the importance to listening to their customers needs before speaking
  8. Cross train employees in other departments so they can answer more questions
  9. Have management present on the floor or in the call center
  10. The key tip is ASK your customer for feedback while they are at your location
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Silence is not golden in customer experience and “no news” can be bad news in any industry! Your silent customers you will not help you improve. Employees must ask questions. During this pandemic many business owners have had to restructure and pivot their business to get customers to safely return. This has been very difficult for some however the results can be very rewarding as we recover. Since a lot of business is being done virtually, this is a great way to get an email and phone number so you can follow up. This is also a great marketing tool to use now and for the future. We should all be learning from our customers. It’s important that our employees are finding out as much as possible from these silent customers by asking questions. During these stressful times we need to be more empathetic to our customers needs. We want to give them a reason to return.

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