If You Think Customer Service Is A Hobby You Are Wrong

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May 16, 2018
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June 7, 2018
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Recently I have posted and read numerous articles on Customer Experiences. I am amazed at how many unprofessional posts will get likes and/or comments on FaceBook however very few people will look at an important article that could help them make more money…

The #1 focus for your business should be customer experience. If it’s not, you will never be successful. Your customers are the reason you have a business. Here are just a few ways to give quality customer experiences:

  1. Train your staff the importance of listening to customers, I mean REALLY LISTEN
  2. When a customer has a question your staff should either be able to solve the problem immediately or find someone that can. Your staff should be able to offer a discount or a refund without always looking for a manager.
  3. When you receive a call or get a poor review follow up with the customer immediately. Remember that almost all bad experiences are replayed to at least 10 more people.
  4. Improve Engagement Levels With Staff
  • Be an ideal role model for your employees
  • Create a responsible senior level management team
  • Communicate
  • Be generous, give praise
  • Know your employees
  • Help them to stay empowered
  • Keep them motivated
  • Have ongoing training on key elements
  • Conduct surveys throughout the year, this will help identify pain points

Happier employees will always give better experiences to your customers…

“Customers will never love your company until your employees love it first” – Simon Sinek

We at The Hart Experience can help you train your employees to give quality customer experiences. Contact Debbie Hart 602.717.3271 Debbie@thehartexperience.com

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