Do You Know What It Takes To Win Your Customers Back?
October 12, 2018
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November 1, 2018
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What does it take to give a WOW Customer Experience?

Giving a WOW experience doesn’t necessarily mean you have to roll out the RED carpet, it can be as simple as responding to a review or returning a call. Maybe it’s taking your customer more bread because it’s taking their entree a little longer than expected. Perhaps it’s taking the kids meals out before the adults just to give the kids a little extra attention. Maybe it’s just simply reading a customer and noticing when they need a listening ear.

My daughter and her boyfriend recently took a trip to Reno. They stayed in a beautiful resort called the Peppermill. Upon arrival to their room, she noticed a card that stated “If you need anything to make your stay more comfortable, you can text guest services”. What a convenient, modern way to speak to your customers!!! She is very picky about her pillow so she text guest services to ask if they could bring her a smaller one. Barbara in guest services replied promptly and said she would happily take care of it. My daughter mentioned they were leaving the room but they could leave the pillow outside the door. When they returned to their room the pillow was outside the door in a plastic bag. They even took the time to put it in a plastic bag and not lay it on the floor!! Extra bonus points! The next day my daughter text guest services about Uber and taxi service. Yet again, Barbara was quick to respond and provide information! The Peppermill is one of the large resorts in Reno and although they charge a pretty hefty resort fee, at least you feel like you get something for it! These little touches made their stay so much more comfortable. Where do you think they will stay the next time they are in Reno? Peppermill!! Because the Peppermill takes the time to make their guests feel at home. People will pay for this experience!

Years ago the Hyatt hotels used to put a mint on your pillow as their turn down service. My son used to wait by the door on his hands and knees for the housekeeper’s cart to come by. We still laugh about it. These added touches, that seem so small, make all the difference to your customer.

If you aren’t getting return business maybe you are missing that personal touch or maybe you think no one cares. Well you are WRONG!!!!

Let The Hart Experience work with you to get your customer experience back on track. We offer a complimentary visit to assess your business and then consult with you on the best strategy to move forward. Contact Debbie at The Hart Experience 602.717.3271 or You may also go our website and click on “How To Become A Client”

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