10 Ways To Offer WOW Experiences Plus Convenience To Your Customers

Do You Really Know What A Great Customer Experience Looks Like?
September 6, 2018
Do You Know What It Takes To Win Your Customers Back?
October 12, 2018
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I recently read an article titled “Offering Customers Convenience and Reap the Rewards” by Joseph Michell. Convenience indicates that you are simple to conduct business with and you make your customer’s life easier. Many businesses these days revolve around convenience via online purchasing and delivering to your door.

This includes: Amazon, Uber, DoorDash, grocery deliveries, Online college courses and banking. Why do people use these services? In this crazy busy world we try to squeeze in as many things as possible in a 24 hour day. Many times convenience outweighs a perfect experience however when a customer actually wants a great experience they might drive a longer way just to get that experience. I know for myself if I have a great doctor I will definitely drive further because I not only get a better experience, but it’s someone I trust and have a relationship with. How many times do you drive to that great far away family-owned restaurant that has great service and staff that call you by name and remember you? Maybe food isn’t even as good as another location but that one has poor service. We all love to be pampered once in awhile. This is why we continue to frequent those far away places.

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10 Reasons How You Can Give WOW Experiences To Your Customers

  1. Train your employees the importance of giving that extra experience to all customers and how to read their customers
  2. Be prepared to accept substitutions
  3. Be prepared to fix problems in-house
  4. If short staffed be prepared to have a backup plan in place
  5. Never give excuses to your customers or say it can’t be done unless it’s a completely unreasonable request
  6. If too busy to give that extra attention a manager should step in
  7. Smile, have a good attitude, call your customer by name
  8. Give that extra cup of coffee, extra towel, bottle water, samples, offer rewards cards / loyalty programs or anything that will make you stand out to your competitors
  9. A please and thank you go a long way
  10. Treat your customer like a person not a number

Reap the benefits a WOW experience and convenience offer
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