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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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What Is Word Of Mouth Marketing?

Your customers are the source of your word-of-mouth marketing. When your customers have a good or bad experience with your business you can almost guarantee they will tell friends and family. This is word-of-mouth marketing. The key is that you give WOW experiences that get your customers talking about your business in a positive way. Why do you want them to talk about your business? Because you want more business…

When you have great service or product sometimes it can speak for itself. Like when you wear a new outfit and a friend compliments you and asked where you purchased it. Or someone comes to your house and sees new furniture and they ask where you got it. Of course when you tell a friend you went to a restaurant and had a bad experience you lose business. It’s never about the one customer you lose it’s about how many people they tell about their experience.

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Obviously the goal is getting your customers to talk enough about your business in a positive way that it helps increase revenue. It’s more important now than ever that you are giving your customers a reason to refer and return. Managers must be involved in day to day communications with customers so if there is a problem they can solve it before the customer leaves. Do you hate seeing a review on Yelp, TripAdvisor or Social Media about a customer’s bad experience? It’s not a good feeling. Of course this gives you another chance to get the customer to talk about how you solved the problem in a timely manner. Positive word-of-mouth marketing can be a GOLD MINE for your business. Plus it’s FREE marketing!

Look at customer experience as a journey, not a destination.

Let us at The Hart Experience help you create Word-Of-Mouth experiences that keep your customers returning and referring. Contact 602.717.3271 for a Complimentary Business Assessment.

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