Personalized Customer Experience Can Have A Big Impact On Your Business

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Personalized Customer Experience Can Have A Big Impact On Your Business

Why is personalization so important to your customers?

Customers love to be remembered when they frequent a business. Many times this is why a customer returns and refers. As a business owner you want to outshine your competitors and personalized customer experiences will definitely help grow your business and increase revenue.

Lets’ take a closer look at ways you can give personalized experiences

  • Learn and call a customer by name (Everyone responds more positively when they hear their name)
  • Stay relevant, know the products and/or services purchased in prior sales (It simplifies interactions for your customer when they don’t have to repeat all the same information)
  • Study your customers likes and dislikes (It’s always great when someone remembers your preferences)
  • Omnichannel Personalization: Email, Text, Phone, Web, In-Store (Every time you send an email you should personalize the greeting, mention name in text, voicemail or on phone)
  • Build relationships, recognize birthdays, anniversaries congratulatory opportunities, etc. (Much of this information is on Social Media)


Personalization adds to positive customer experiences and the key to building long-term relationships. You should be tracking all interactions/visits with your customers. When a customer is searching for a product and/or service it’s important you are top of mind. Loyalty and rewards programs can definitely get your customers to return and will help you build better relationships. These programs can help you learn more personalized information about your customers and create better customer experiences. Also instruct your employees the importance of mentioning their name to the customer whether that is in person or on the phone, this will be a plus for future occasions.

Many times businesses think that a WOW experience is something big when actually a customer will appreciate the small gestures even more.

We at The Hart Experience can educate your employees on how to create WOW customer experiences with more personalizing and empathy. Contact 602.717.3271,

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