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Never Lose Another Customer

Why should I return?
I recently attended a chamber networking mixer at bar here in Phoenix. This chamber has their mixers there often and I have attended on several occasions. It seems as though they are always understaffed and their food quality is marginal. On this specific occasion there was one cocktail server who was visible. She never approached anyone unless they motioned for her. She did not recommend any specialty drinks so most customers just requested water.

At this event there were about 50 attendees. The food consisted of spinach dip, chips and salad. The spinach dip was cold so I mentioned it to management. The manager then took it to the kitchen and returned with a hot one. The chips were stale and were piled high in a chafing dish. Salad was provided, however foods like this are hard to eat at a networking event. Presentation was definitely lacking as well.

I understand this was only a networking mixer and there isn’t a lot of revenue generated for the venue, however this is a great opportunity to promote your facility so people will return on other occasions.

I attended another chamber mixer at a bowling entertainment center. At this event there was about 100 attendees. There were no cocktail servers available for drink orders, only water and soda pitchers alongside the food. The food consisted of pizza and egg rolls. The food was presented well however it lacked quality. Due to the lack of staff the area was full of dishes and trash during the entire event and there was no manager available. If you wanted a drink you had to walk a distance to the bar.

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Wonder why your bottom line is suffering?
When you know you are having an event at your location why not increase staff? Many people will have water versus a drink if there isn’t a server on the floor. Revenue opportunities were lost at both of these events on just drinks alone. How many people will return with guests when they see a venue’s lack of concern over dirty dishes left on tables? In short, never lose another customer due to lack of attention to detail.

As a previous restaurant manager I see a lot of revenue opportunities lost that Managers should be capitalizing on.

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