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July 10, 2019
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August 1, 2019
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Do You SABOTAGE Your Customer Experience?

Customer Experience

I have recently read articles on how companies attempt to make amends after a negative customer experience. In one article, it stated Delta Airlines refused to move a man whose seat was unsanitary in yet another, United Airlines physically removed a man from the plane for no apparent reason. Remember when the Southwest Airlines plane had it’s window blown out due to an unfortunate mechanical error? In today’s world of social media when someone is upset over their poor experience, or something bad happens it’s displayed to the whole world. The company must then offer explanation regarding the situation and try to make amends with not only their customer, but smooth things over with the rest of the world. If they don’t do this properly and take responsibility their business can suffer. Training employees to handle these situations in a positive and efficient manner is critical.

I had an event at a bar/restaurant last week and I couldn’t believe how poorly the cocktail server handled taking drink orders and her lack of knowledge. She didn’t carry a tray so she could only deliver two drinks at a busy time when customers were waiting a long time to get drinks, this showed a lack of efficiency and knowledge not only on the server but for the lack of training from management. She didn’t even know what time their happy hour ended. Then there was an employee at the door who collected the cover charge after 7:00 pm. She was unpleasant and definitely not customer service oriented. What happened to training these employees to serve customers quickly, efficiently and with a friendly demeanor? These employees are tipped based on their service, so it would make sense to provide the best possible experience possible!

Isn’t the Goal for your business to get your customers to return and refer??

Here are a few phrases that employees should never use:

  • But, that’s our policy
  • Sorry, that isn’t my department
  • I don’t know
  • It’s not our fault
  • You don’t understand

Many of these terms can be rephrased to “I can check that for you” or “Let me clarify that for you” “I will follow up and get back yo you” (The key is don’t forget to get back to them) Train your employees to give quality Customer Experiences and you will have happier customers and more committed employees.

Let’s us at The Hart Experience give you a fresh perspective on what your customers are seeing when they enter your business. We can help you train your employees to give your customers the experience they deserveā€¦.

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