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April 20, 2020
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April 20, 2020
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Are Your Customers Happy?

Does your company truly care about your CUSTOMERS needs?

I recently sought plumbing services for an issue in my home which turned into a nightmare experience. The companies I reached out to didn’t even seem to care about getting new business. Maybe they are making so much money they don’t need new customers? I received quotes from two companies for re-piping. One company Navarro Plumbing was reasonably priced and responded, however I felt concerned that the job might be too big for this small company. The second company Sav-On Plumbing was very responsive and helpful but they were double the price of the first quote. It’s hard to understand how the same work would be that much more. I requested an estimate and a valve installed from a third company Diamondback Plumbing. They never sent the person out to give me the re-piping estimate. After replacing the valve initially, they had to come back as the valve was leaking. Their scheduler gave me an estimated window time of 5 hours for the initial visit. They arrived 4 hours and 55 minutes after they had called and said they were around the corner 3 hours prior. On the second visit to repair the leak, I was quoted a 4 hour window time of 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. At 8:15 pm the plumber called to ask if I still needed service and if so he was on the way. I asked to reschedule since it was so late. I called the next morning and made the appointment for early morning the following day so I could get a shorter window time. In the late afternoon the day I called back, the plumber arrived? I explained to him I thought my appointment was scheduled for morning, he said I was in the neighborhood. He did tighten the valve and stopped the leak. At no time did this company’s plumbers wear booties in the house. Of course no concern for keeping walkway area clean from dirty boots.

When a customer agrees to be home for FIVE hours to wait for services, it’s imperative that the company arrives during that time frame. People have busy schedules and this is a huge inconvenience to customers which will result in lost business! Would you allow a company like this doing major re-piping repairs in your home? Of course NOT…

Why should your company want HAPPY CUSTOMERS?

  • Return business
  • Referred business
  • WOW reviews
  • More revenue
  • Less stress on employees

We at The Hart Experience are passionate about teaching our clients the importance of having HAPPY CUSTOMERS. If your 2020 business goals are to increase revenue you need to get a customers perspective of your business.

The Hart Experience will shop your business and show you the areas you need to improve. Contact Debbie 602.717.3271 / Debbie@thehartexperience /

Please feel free to comment below on your good or bad experience. Let’s make customer experience a priority this year…

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