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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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Why Is Follow Up The Key To Driving Revenue?

Follow up = Money

How many existing customers do you follow up with in a month? Most business owners are losing revenue daily by not training their management and employees how to follow up. We all have existing customers that have bought from us previously that might need or want additional products or services if we make the effort to upsell/engage them on our other products/services. Many consumers will give their business to another company because they never heard back from the original company where they purchased. It’s so much easier to get business from existing customers then cold calling new ones. This can be done by picking up the phone or a reminder email. Let me give you some examples:

  • Carpet or tile cleaning services could call once a year to schedule maintenance services
  • Internet and cable carriers could call every 6 months to review services and products and showcase new options/promotions
  • Car detailers could call every year to schedule service for maintaining vehicle appearance
  • Spas, nail or hair salons could follow up for additional appointments or products/services
  • Restaurants could review last year’s birthday/anniversary reservations and follow up on these occasions with a promotional offer (contact info should be noted on reservation)
  • Hotels could follow up with seasonal promotion offers
  • Event coordinators, florists, DJ’s could follow up on special occasions to see if any services or products are needed
  • Website designers could check in every 6 months to see if the customer need updates added to their site
  • Graphic designers could check every 6 months to see if a business needs more business cards or brochures
  • Movie theater attendants who take tickets, could remind guests about snack bar
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Sometimes it can be a follow up call after a current purchase and to ask your customer if they need anything else (make suggestions on specials). Think of how many additional products a person would buy if a salesperson was on the floor asking if they need help.

I used a graphic designing company to do an animated video for me and after it was completed never heard from them again. Perhaps I liked it and additional services? So much money is lost in the follow up.

Another way to add revenue during the holiday season when customers are more likely to buy is to suggest gift cards for family and friends. Also a gift card is a nice way to send a thank you for business.

Follow up is an additional way to keep in contact with your customers and drive revenue. Plus it’s a great customer experience tool…

We at The Hart Experience can show you some easy ways to follow up and suggestive sell your products and services. Contact Debbie@thehartexperience.com 602.717.3271, https://www.thehartexperience.com

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