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September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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Hotel guests say safety practices are more important now than ever…

During the pandemic many hotels were forced to close or had minimal occupancy. As life has slightly turned to normal some people are traveling again. When choosing a hotel for your overnight stays it’s important to check hotel safety protocols.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Pick your destination wisely. (know the virus transmission rates in that area)
  • What is the mandate on masks by guests and staff? (will they provide a mask if you misplace or forget yours?)
  • What are the steps they are using to protect guests? (this info should be on website, if not call)
  • Be wary of using elevator with other occupants. If necessary, immediately sanitize hands upon exiting.
  • Ask for a room that hasn’t been occupied in three days. (virus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours)
  • How are rooms serviced during your stay? (best to decline these services so you are the only ones entering your room)
  • Best to avoid hotel spas and gyms.
  • Are sanitizing dispensers available?
  • Upon arrival sanitize your room especially doorknobs, TV remote, bathroom, flat surfaces. (remove the bedspread)
  • Is the front desk following contactless procedures?
  • Can you pay ahead online or at a kiosk to avoid any contact?

As a hotel manager how do you provide a WOW experience for your guests with so many safety protocols in place?

  • Train your staff on the importance of greetings and answering questions
  • Smile with facial / hand gestures
  • Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t talk
  • Friendly demeanor
  • Provide guests with some things to do in the area (separate brochure or paper map)

We all want to bring the FUN back into our lives however guests and employees are scared. Our “normal” is so different now. It’s important that we all know we can take a vacation or travel for business and feel safe too. If we want our guests to return we have to give them a WOW experience. Let us at The Hart Experience educate you on how to implement safety precautions with a SMILE. Contact 602.717.3271,

PS It’s so important that you train your employees to contact a manager when a guest isn’t compliant with safety precautions as well.

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