What Has The Coronavirus Taught Us As Business Owners?

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April 20, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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What Has The Coronavirus Taught Us As Business Owners?

Positive Facts

  • Restaurants have learned new avenues to drive revenue
  • Large manufacturing companies have added services such as: making face masks and ventilators
  • People are donating time, money to help others
  • Schools are educating students via online classes
  • Churches have gone online
  • People are enjoying the outdoors and nature
  • Hotels are providing rooms for medical staff
  • Businesses are conducting virtual meetings without physically going to the office
  • Businesses have added more sick days to help their employees

Negative Facts

  • Sickness / Death
  • Loss of jobs
  • Loss of revenue
  • Product shortages
  • Lack of Customers

Yes there has been some huge life lessons and we have all had to learn new things. No, this hasn’t been an easy ride however it’s the card that was dealt to us. We are all curious how and when the economy will fully recover. If your business has been closed all this time you are going to have start reconnecting with past clients plus finding new customers. If you have been working tirelessly you will hopefully get a reprieve. It’s unfortunate We have lost some great people, however overall we have learned to show more love for others like nurses, doctors, paramedics, fire and police departments, grocery store clerks and the list goes on.

If you have been fortunate to maintain your business during the pandemic did you learn the true value of your customers and ensuring you always are giving customers a great experience? Many customers have been placed on hold for hours or hung up on, some deliveries are taking over a month. This would be the time to empathize with these people because these are the customers who remember your business and determine if they will do business with you in the future.

There will definitely be challenges the next few months so it’s important that if you need help. We at The Hart Experience are here to answer questions and provide you with a customer’s perspective. Remember health and safety will be foremost in the minds of your customers as we return to business.

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