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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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Social Distancing, The New Norm?

How has your business adapted to the the New Norm?

You can see in the above picture how social distancing changed this restaurant’s floor plan. I actually think this a very unique way to help people fell more comfortable. Many restaurants that have patios have an advantage except of course here in Phoenix where temperatures have already reached 110 degrees. A lot of restaurants and hotels are using touchless kiosks as a way to check in, pay or order from their menu. Floor plans now have fewer seats or less seats at a table. Some restaurants have done a great job and then there are others that have are at a loss on how to rearrange there dining room. I have seen dining areas sectioned off with CAUTION TAPE or a piece of paper taped on the table with a reminder for social distancing. As a restaurant or hotel owner it’s important to set up your business for success. Who wants to go to a construction site for dinner or to a cold room with no ambiance? There are many effective ways to do this and still maintain a positive customer experience.

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As an event planner how do you sell clients an event space?

There are so many questions on how to change event spaces for social distancing. Obviously, the space is either going to need to be bigger so you can limit the amount of people per table or there will have to be less people attending the event. This can lead to a more costly event or no event. Event planners are going to have to be more creative to get businesses, weddings, parties etc. in the door.

Another problem is all food will have to be served instead of offering a lower cost buffet. This means more staff so more costly. Also there will need to be more time between events for extensive cleaning which will mean less events. No more back to back events with an hour turn.

Here are a few ideas of how to book events in the NEW NORM:

  • Offer outdoor seating if available (more space to social distance).
  • Encourage inviting less people or if a business event maybe offer two separate rooms or split groups into two separate days.
  • Encourage businesses to have everyone bring their own snacks to eliminate cost and have a brown bag lunch.
  • Less costly menu items such as same entree for everyone (can always accommodate special diets in advance).
  • Since dance floors are very hard to social distance have a DJ or lighting service provide lighted circles on the floor so people stay in their circle.
  • Photo booths are going to have to offer disposable props and booth will need to be sanitized after each guest.
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As an event planner you are going to have to be more creative than ever. You may have to pitch in to help save costs to your clients. Social distancing is going to be around for awhile so it will be important that you make your events as manageable and fun as possible.

We at The Hart Experience are working with restaurants and hotels on guidelines and restrictions for the NEW NORM. It’s so important that you make your customers feel comfortable and safe. Let us help you put money in your pocket and have less stress. Contact Debbie at 602.717.3171,

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