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June 17, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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Should Your Business Consider Opening?

Is your restaurant/bar ready to open?
With restaurants and bars opening all over the country I thought it might be a good idea to review some guidelines to see if your restaurant is ready to open the doors. Of course some owners are being more cautious than others. Here is a checklist I saw on

Restaurant Decision Tree

The most important thing is the continuous sanitizing and cleaning of your restaurant. In most states you can decide whether your want to require your staff to wear masks and/or gloves. Obviously social distancing and washing hands is a must. Many restaurants are requiring temperature checks at the door. As a customer when do you feel the safety restrictions are too much or not enough?

Is your favorite gym ready to open?
Gyms are starting to open here in Phoenix however there are so many restrictions I wonder if members will return immediately. Many gyms are big and the chance of working out next to someone is usually slim. When there is a pool they might want to limit the amount of people allowed in the pool at a time. This can also be the same for classes. Eliminating these amenities maybe unnecessary. Obviously there should be more sanitizing and disinfecting at all times and social distancing guidelines adhered to. Once again, as a customer when do you feel the safety restrictions are too much or not enough?

It seems that many of these business openings are making customers feel uncomfortable. Therefore most people may choose to stay home.

Another problem with gym memberships are the fees you are being charged when gym not open which could include additional fees for guest privileges or amenities. Some restaurants are also adding a charge for Covid19 on your check. They say this fee is helping them recover. As a customer if you aren’t paying attention you will never notice these fees.

Some Superstores like Walmart and other retail chains will not allow you to use fitting rooms and won’t take returns. Once again, as a customer when do you feel the safety restrictions are too much or not enough?

The Covid19 has been hard on almost all businesses some worse than others however when did it become okay to pass your recovery fees on to your customer? If you are looking for customers to return and refer you business this won’t happen if you nickel and dime them.

We at The Hart Experience are educating business owners on how to keep employees and customers safe without making anyone uncomfortable. We are visiting restaurants now that have guidelines in place. We are checking to see if those guidelines are being followed. If you want us to visit your business contact or 602.717.3271

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