Is The Face Mask Mandate Hurting Your Business?

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December 18, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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Is The Face Mask Mandate Hurting Your Business?

Is there a smile behind that mask?

As masks become the new norm, we must make sure as business owners that our employees aren’t letting their masks affect our customer’s experience. I don’t go shopping as often since Covid became part of our lives however when I do it seems the experience is lacking. Employees on the sales floor seem to be a thing of the past. When you do see a salesperson they walk the opposite way to avoid you. It’s hard to know whether it’s because they are scared of getting Covid or don’t care about the customer? Wearing a mask and social distancing are not going away anytime soon so if it’s become a way for your employees to hide, then you need to train them on how critical quality customer experience is to the success of your business. Your customers should feel comfortable asking a question without having to chase an employee to ask it. This can still be done while maintaining a safe distance.

Remember ladies how great Victoria Secret used to be when you walked in the store? They were always so helpful. This courtesy declined long before Covid and of course most stores are closed. Even Walmart and Kohl’s don’t have as many salespeople on the floor. I have shopped at Ulta Beauty for a while and since Covid noticed that salespeople were invisible on the floor. Today, I made a stop there and it’s the first time since Covid that I was approached by a salesperson and asked if I needed help. Customer experience in a grocery store has become non-existent. Cashiers are frustrated and don’t even greet their customers. It’s understandable that employees are uneasy given the difficult circumstances, however it’s important that our customers are happy and want to return. Being pleasant will make everyone feel more “normal” while still maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask.

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I am not sure how many people have returned to dining-in since Covid, however it’s a very different experience. Restaurants seem to have varied and sometimes confusing Covid guidelines however servers, bartenders and management are still required to wear a mask and social distance. When we first ventured out it was not a good feeling servers weren’t focused on giving quality customer experience. As time has gone by we have seen improvement in some restaurants.

I can relate as customer that wearing a mask is uncomfortable and it’s hard to leave the house and enjoy going out. This is the new norm for awhile and we can’t hide at home, so let’s make our jobs more enjoyable by staying positive and offering the same exceptional customer experiences while staying safe and healthy!

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5 ways to help you and your employees improve customer experiences while wearing a mask…

  1. Train your employees on the importance of being attentive and safe without being scared
  2. Eye contact (great way to communicate while wearing a mask)
  3. Focus on¬†really¬†listening, then repeat what customer is asking – sometimes it’s difficult to communicate/listen while wearing a mask
  4. Conduct regular roleplaying with your team this will help employees see both sides
  5. Smile under the mask even if a customer can’t see it they will feel the warmth

Don’t make your customers chase you or your employees around the store for an answer to their question. Customers will feel more comfortable to return and refer when they feel you truly care…

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PS. I would love to hear about your experiences in these different times. Has anyone had experiences with the airlines?

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