Does Your Hotel Follow All Covid -19 Guidelines?

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September 3, 2020
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December 18, 2020
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Does Your Hotel Follow All Covid -19 Guidelines?

As a guest it’s critical to feel comfortable that all Covid-19 guidelines are being followed

We recently took a trip to San Diego for a few days. This was our first overnight trip since Covid-19 started. We reviewed all the safety guidelines online before we made hotel reservations at a Holiday Inn Express. This was also our first visit to this location. The hotel was clean and there were Covid-19 guidelines posted throughout the hotel reminding guests of the requirement to wear masks and to maintain social distancing. There were circles on the floor by the front desk to show guests where they should stand and barriers between guests and front desk staff were in place to remain safe and compliant. In the lobby there were signs on tables about social distancing and some areas stated they were closed. The hot tub was closed and if a guest wanted to use the pool they had to reserve a time at the front desk.

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It was great to see they took guest safety and the pandemic best practices seriously. Most guests either walking in the front door or standing at front desk wore masks and all staff at the front desk were wearing masks. We didn’t see any employee confront guests that weren’t adhering to the guideline on masks or social distancing. We didn’t see anyone cleaning the lobby or tables, however they were well maintained.

Room guidelines and cleanliness

Our room was clean, however we took the extra precaution and wiped down the high touch areas ie: remote, counters, telephone, clock, handles on doors, etc. We were staying three days so declined housekeeping services. We did see a sign that stated rooms were only cleaned on Wednesday and Saturday. All housekeepers did wear masks but not all wore gloves. The room did have amenities that we weren’t expecting, but appeared clean and safe ie: coffee pot / cups / fixings, ice bucket, shampoo / conditioner / body wash.

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According to most hotel websites these items aren’t available. In this particular hotel the ice machine was also available for use.


According to the website and booking site breakfast was offered. Obviously since buffets would be unsafe at this time we weren’t too sure what to expect so went to the lobby area in the morning to inquire. We were handed a plate with a breakfast sandwich, bagel and/or hard boiled egg at our request by a staff member. Not sure how safe this was? They did have other items for purchase in the lobby. There was a sign that stated no self service, however the front desk attendant told us to go get a beverage while we waited in line the first night to check in.

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As far as cleanliness was concerned from what we could see lobby areas and room were clean. While a few guidelines weren’t followed we felt comfortable with our stay during the pandemic. Most hotel websites and booking sites post different information so it is difficult to know if guidelines are followed until you physically visit a location. By making this information more transparent up front, it would encourage guests to feel more comfortable coming to your hotel.

Many hotels are franchises or owned by different management groups. The only way to know as an owner / general manager whether guidelines are being followed is to hire professional shoppers to visit and stay in your hotel.

We at The Hart Experience can work with your hotels to show them areas that are being missed. Prior to the pandemic, people might have overlooked some hotel guidelines however that has all changed and safety / cleanliness must be at the forefront of every hotel owner / general manger’s minds.

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