Does Your Business Need To Reset Customer Experience?

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April 20, 2020
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April 20, 2020
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Does Your Business Need To Reset Customer Experience?

What should your business be doing to keep your customers returning?

It’s a very stressful time for business owners and customers however it’s important to look forward to the future. WE are asking our customers to use our services at a time when money is tight. This is why you want to give these customers the BEST customer experience so they return and refer.

We have all had to deal with more call centers and online services than normal. I recently have had to deal with numerous companies I have never dealt with before or have never had to call instead of visit. The customer experience has been less than favorable. Wait times of over an hour to reach someone, incorrect information on websites, no website, incompetent people and the list goes on. After my experiences the thought of doing business with these companies again is probably unlikely.

During this time when your business is either slower or closed would be a perfect time to make some changes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Update your website and marketing
  • Evaluate current staff skills
  • Re-train employees – soft skills, customer experience, job skills, phone etiquette
  • Review policy / procedures and guidelines – safety, health, sexual harassment
  • Mission statement
  • Update Social Media

It’s important that you use this time to get ahead of your competitors. Remember we are all in this TOGETHER however when the doors are open again things will change. Everyone will be looking for customers and you will have to be even better than you were before.

We at The Hart Experience are still open so please reach out with any questions you might have regarding your business. Also if you want to get a jump on things let us work with you to review your marketing, website and call center. Contact Debbie at 602.717.3271 or /

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