Do You Book Your Hotel Rooms Through The Hotel Website Or Through A Booking Site?

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September 3, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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Do You Book Your Hotel Rooms Through The Hotel Website Or Through A Booking Site?

Why you should read the fine print.

I recently booked rooms for a trip through a booking site. After reading the Covid-19 safety guidelines I reviewed the amenities and noticed an * next to parking. When I clicked on the details I saw there was a hefty charge for parking. We all know there have been many changes due to the pandemic related to amenities a hotel can offer. Many hotels individual websites don’t align with the booking websites which can lead to confusion and surprises when a guest arrives onsite for their stay. Therefore it’s important to review hotel websites and/or directly to verify details of your stay.

Here are few things to look for:

  • If breakfast is provided what type ie: boxed, continental, full breakfast in restaurant
  • If hotel has pool is it open, under construction or shutdown due to Covid-19 (this information rarely is listed on booking site or website)
  • Parking free or is there a charge (cost?)
  • Are masks mandated and if you forget yours do they have replacements?
  • Are snacks available if no restaurant?
  • Are extra towels available when staying longer than one night?
  • Is contactless check-in available?
  • Are they cleaning rooms daily or do you have the option to refuse service?

Many items have been removed from rooms and lobby due to Covid-19 here are a few things that may not be available.

  • Hair dryer?
  • Coffee in room or in lobby?
  • Ice buckets and glasses?
  • Toiletries?
  • Bathrobes?

After checking in it’s important that you mention you prefer no housekeeping services if that’s your preference. It’s a much different experience in the hotels now.

It’s important hotel employees are well trained on how to answer Covid-19 questions. Hotel employees need to give their guests a comfortable feeling. With hotels struggling to increase occupancy it’s so important guests return and refer.

Does your hotel check booking sites and websites regularly to ensure Covid-19 guidelines and in house changes are updated as they occur? Guests need to be able to review the hotel’s current Covid-19 guidelines and any other updates online so when they arrive there are no surprises. Let us at The Hart Experience review your sites and show you where there is inconsistency and why guests are misinformed. Contact 602.717.3271

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